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Expertise offered in ongoing partnership with you.


In order to receive FEMA mitigation project grants, state and local governments must be covered under a multi-hazard mitigation plan (The Stafford Act, as amended by the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000). These plans identify long-term policies and actions that can be implemented locally to reduce risk and create safer, more disaster-resilient communities. From new plans to annual reporting and the 5-year updates needed to keep your plan current, UrbanHydro has the expertise to prepare plans that meet local, state, and federal requirements. 


With more than $20 million in funding awarded to our clients as a direct result of our grant applications, UrbanHydro has a proven track record of preparing successful applications. FEMA has two Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs, which provide funding for stormwater projects on an annual basis: Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA). UrbanHydro has successfully prepared applications under both programs. Our experience includes detailed Benefit Cost Analysis using FEMA’s BCA Tool, as well as preparation of applications for both flood-relief projects and buyouts. In addition to FEMA grants, we also have experience with MWRD, IEPA, IDNR, and other grant applications. Our understanding of these grant programs allows us to use other grants as matching funds to provide full funding for our clients’ projects.


The Community Rating System (CRS) Program recognizes communities that go above and beyond minimum NFIP requirements to prevent or reduce flood losses. This incentive program provides property owners with a reduction in flood insurance premiums based upon points received for the community’s involvement in various CRS activities and elements. UrbanHydro can manage all aspects, including  initial application, implementation, documentation, program evaluations, and much more. We have an unparalleled understanding of the CRS program, including which activities are most economical for communities to increase their CRS classification.


UrbanHydro has extensive experience in all facets of municipal engineering. Our founder, Shauna Urlacher, previously served as the Assistant Village Engineer, working full time in Franklin Park's Village Hall. This experience provided her with a superior understanding of the processes and departmental roles within a community, and makes Shauna a valuable resource for municipalities. We offer the technical expertise coupled with practical understanding to deliver engineering designs, program management, and permit coordination needed to move your projects forward. Additionally, as a small firm, UrbanHydro is ideally suited for on-call services and can assist communities with Capital Improvement Plans, RFPs, selection of consulting engineers, and oversight of large design projects.


We approach development reviews as a way to protect the long-term interests of the municipality. Reviews must be thorough and also timely. It is essential to fully understand and navigate all of the regulatory requirements and construction limitations. As a small firm with expertise in municipal engineering and water resources, we are ideally suited to act as a neutral third party to protect the interests of the community – without the potential for messy conflicts of interest. Development reviews can be conducted either in-house or from our office. And the scope of work can range from small, single-family improvements to large commercial and residential developments. From complete infrastructure reviews, to stormwater and floodplain requirement reviews, UrbanHydro can seamlessly manage every aspect. 

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