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Improve Your Community's Flood Resilience.

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Reduce and Prevent Flooding in Your Community

Many local officials know where chronic flooding occurs in their community, but struggle to secure funding to fix it. In conjunction with reducing existing flooding, future flooding can be addressed through planning and higher regulatory standards.



Funding is often the stumbling block to getting your project done. I specialize in complex, technical grant applications for flood relief projects. I have extensive experience meeting FEMA's rigorous grant requirements.


As a community or county government, you need be covered under a FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plan to be eligible for FEMA funding. Let me help you meet these eligibility requirements.


Protect your residents from future flooding with higher regulatory standards. As a technical reviewer for FEMA's CRS Program, I review stormwater management ordinances for 1,200 communities. With this experience, I can help you update your ordinance language.

Videos and Blog Articles

Shauna posts regular videos and blog articles on grant opportunities for local flood-relief projects. Discover which project types are eligible for FEMA funding, common misconceptions about FEMA grant programs, and many other grant topics.

Learn from someone who truly "gets" grants.  

Hi there.

I'm Shauna Urlacher, a stormwater engineer and grant writer. I work directly with communities to prepare FEMA, state, and local grant applications. I have spent years learning how to position flood-relief projects for grant funding. 
I do this by writing grant applications in a way that highlights the aspects of the project most important to the grant selection committee. As a result, your grant application is more likely to receive funding. 
I have helped my clients secure more than $30 Million in funding. If you need help with a grant application, I'd love to hear more about your project and grant opportunity. 



The City of Des Plaines began working with Shauna in 2015. Since that time, she has helped them secure over $20 million in grant funding, allowing Des Plaines to buyout more than 70 flood-prone homes.

"Shauna has been managing our CRS Program and preparing grant applications for us annually since 2015. She is very knowledgeable about the grant process and has prepared several successful grant applications, which has allowed the City to continue our buyout program. She also helps us meet our annual CRS Program requirements and work towards our long-term program goals."

– Jon Duddles, P.E., CFM

Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering

City of Des Plaines –

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