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Expertise in urban flood mitigation.


What is community? People coming together. Beautiful natural spaces. And of course, a safe environment is essential. All of these factors need to be considered when planning flood mitigation projects.

So much of urban development has focused on paving over the landscape. This causes flooding, poor water quality, and erosion. At UrbanHydro, we bring balance back. We work to prepare communities for natural disasters, knowing that proper preparation will reduce urban flooding and subsequent response and recovery efforts. After all, people should be safe in the communities where they live and work. 

All of this is done in partnership with you. At UrbanHydro, we believe in building long-term relationships filled with mutual respect. Your voice will be heard throughout the entire process. After all, this is YOUR community! At the same time, we understand that you need a partner who brings a level of expertise and professionalism to manage the entire process with finesse. With over 15 years of experience, UrbanHydro’s founder, Shauna Urlacher, has become known for her attention to detail, understanding spirit, and mastery of hydrology and hydraulics.

Shauna’s passion for providing solutions for communities in need has also led her to become an expert in grant writing, permitting, and municipal program management. What this means for you is a comprehensive solution from start to finish. We will find and get the money needed to make your community truly flourish.


The City of Des Plaines has worked with Shauna since 2015. Since that time, she has secured over $20 million in grant funding, allowing Des Plaines to build vital floodwalls and buyout nearly 70 flood-prone homes.

When confronted with an unexpected staff resignation, the Village relied on Shauna to provide interim stormwater administrative services. Shauna’s professional approach allowed the Village to seamlessly implement alternative service delivery while improving existing programs under Shauna’s guidance.

– Michael R. Smetana, AICP
Development Services Director
Village of Lisle –

Shauna has been managing our CRS Program and preparing grant applications for us annually since 2015. She is very knowledgeable about the grant process and has prepared several successful grant applications, which has allowed the City to continue our buyout program. She also helps us meet our annual CRS Program requirements and work towards our long-term program goals.

– Jon Duddles, P.E., CFM
Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering
City of Des Plaines –

Our stormwater project presented a lot of challenges for the design engineer. Working with Shauna on the stormwater design exceeded our expectations as she held the best interest of all parties involved. Shauna's goal with her analysis and understanding of the flooding we were experiencing helped her design and develop a finished product that was not only successful for the Village, but also benefited the neighborhood residents as well. Her attention to the staging of construction also made the difficulties during this process a little easier for the residents impacted by the construction activity.

– Jim Baxa, Civil and Special Projects Engineer –

Shauna Urlacher, PE, CFM, CPESC



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